We don’t only produce shockproof rubber floorings; GOMMA FIT supports you in every activity, providing the right tools and equipment. Our products make your workouts comfortable, both in the gym and at home.

In addition to our shockproof rubber floorings, you can find the right equipment for your specific activities.

We offer all what you need for your workouts with Olympic barbell: equipment for crossfit, powerlifting, rehab exercises after an injury, and much more.
You can choose any of our rubber BUMPERS, steel plates, barbells, kettlebells, rubber dumbbells and Blazepod®.


The barbell is an essential tool for any gym and Home Gym; it is used to perform strength exercises in many types of activities (such as crossfit and powerlifting).
Our GLADIVS Olympic barbells are made from high-quality materials; careful attention has been paid to every single detail. Available in two variants –for men and women, our barbells are perfect if combined with rubber Bumpers. Make sure to match the appropriate collars, so as to hold the weights into place and ensure a safe workout.


Made from recycled rubber, our Bumpers are essential tools for your workouts, training all muscle groups. They can be coupled with our Olympic barbells to perform weightlifting workouts, or just used as single weights. Our bumpers are made from 100% recycled rubber; they reduce noise and vibration during workout, and absorb bumps, preventing usual damages caused by cast iron plates. Ideal for safe workouts.

Steel plates

If you want a product with a more aggressive design than rubber Bumpers, just try GOMMA FIT steel plates; they are totally Made in Italy and characterized by a more aggressive, functional design. Galvanized steel makes them durable and resistant to rust and bumps.Thanks to the wide range of available weights (1.25, 2.50, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 kg), they are ideal for any fitness activity (such as crossfit and powerlifting).


Practical and adaptable, our kettlebells enrich the equipment of any types of gyms.GOMMA FIT Kettlebells are professional tools, representing the best solution for those who want a reliable, high-quality product.
They are made from black matte cast iron, which makes the weight tolerance minimal. The handle is designed to make the grip comfortable during workout. Available weights: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 32 kg. You can easily recognize each weight thanks to the colour of the ring.


GOMMA FIT dumbbells are essential tools for your workouts. Small and suitable for various applications, they can be used to train arms and shoulders, but also legs, buttocks, abs and back muscles. GOMMA FIT dumbbells are particularly suited to Home Gyms, preventing damages to your floor in case of accidental falls, and absorbing bumps and vibrations –unlike the traditional iron cast dumbbells.
Available weights: 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25 and 30 kg.

Adrenaline kits

Very important for your Home Gym, our Adrenaline kits include equipment of the highest quality in material, design and ergonomics.They are specifically designed for the most demanding athletes, who want to train in total autonomy and freedom, using professional equipment at the same time.
You can choose the best solution for your specific training needs among three different kits: Training Pro kit, Training Élite kit and Pilates kit.