GOMMA FIT does not only supply rubber flooring for gyms; we also provide you with support in the installation process, making our accessories available to you.

The installation of rubber floors is very easy and quick, either by using duc tape or by applying glue.

You can find all what you need among GOMMA FIT accessories: our professional duc tape,our two-component adhesive (ideal for both outdoor and indoor use), our professional cutter for precision cuts, and our rubber mallet (truly essential to position and align flooring rolls, SQUARE tiles and Puzzles).


Professional duc tape to install rubber floorings. This tape has shown great performances in removing, tearing and adhering tests, even on those surfaces which are not perfectly smooth. It does not leave residues on the underlying surface, ensuring great stability and durability.


Two-component adhesive to install rubber floorings for indoor and outdoor use. Once the adhesive mixture is ready, you must spread the glue with a notched trowel. Then, you must wait 12-24 hours before walking on the floor, so the glue can perfectly adhere to the underlying surface.


Professional metal cutter. Thanks to its well-sharpened blade, you will obtain a linear, precise cut of the rubber floor in a few seconds.Our cutter has an automatic retraction of blade, and is equipped with a magnetic cutter holder bar, ensuring a quick, easy and safe replacement.
The cutter is also equipped with 5 replacement blades, so it is always ready for re-use.


Our rubber mallet can be used to fasten the double-sided tape, making adhere GOMMA FIT tiles/rolls to the ground during installation; it is also ideal to adjust and fasten the joints of our PUZZLES.